Sunday, April 20, 2014

The island and the butterfly

Here are two messages from my meditation today...

Firstly, Lord Sananda urges us not to be drawn down to the lower vibration of people who may misunderstand us. He suggests you focus on maintaining your high vibration and picture yourself as a calm island. Eventually people will be drawn to your island, seeking refuge from the madness of 3D life.

Secondly, Archangel Michael suggests a useful analogy for understanding the chaotic, dying 3D illusion. It is like a butterfly pushing itself from its chrysalis - it must destroy the chrysalis in order to emerge as the beautiful butterfly. The third dimension is destroying itself in order to reveal the blissful higher dimensions.

I love this affirmation from Master Jesus via Natalie Glasson at 'I am a magnified illuminated being of love; I am light and love in form.'

Jesus says, 'With every breath you exhale, imagine your light emanating far and wide with powerful expansion...You can imagine immense shining light flowing through your skin and every part of your being.' I want to practice this wonderful affirmation and visualization.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


On being shark fodder...

I love this 13th Century prophesy from the Cathars about the Church of Love:

As I read their description of a church without boundaries, borders or formal membership where the one thing that unites us - disparate bunch of humanity that we are! - is our love of God. No class, race, cultural or economic divisions - just the love of our Creator binding us together in a beautiful, invisible web of Love and Light.

There is reference to Cathars being burned at the stake for their beliefs. Many of us lightworkers endured a similar fate during the violent history of this planet. We have been persecuted over and over, yet still we keep on, keeping on...

You may have hints of what you suffered in previous lives. For instance, I cannot bear anything tight around my neck, which I am sure stems from a horrendous death (or three). And my fear of sharks is apparently related to a life where I was thrown into the sea to become shark fodder.

But - all that is nearly over, thank goodness! So close now, dear friends, to freedom for all humanity who wish it (incredible to think, but there are some who won't choose it).

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Releasing final fears

As I have mentioned several times on this blog, my life was riddled with fear from early childhood. I was terrified of many things, including death. It was intense research into life after death that helped trigger my spiritual awakening nearly thirty years ago.

The powerful energies of April are drawing up every little vestige of remaining fear to be released. I have already surrendered so much fear, and I thought (just a mite smugly) that I was pretty much done, but no...

The last remnants of fear are challenging me to believe with all my heart that I am loveable. I spent much of this lifetime trying to prove that I am worthy of love. Now my soul reassures me that I have always been loved and accepted. I am perfect just as I am - and so are you.

Sure, there are occasions within a day where anxiety wells up unexpectedly. But I am conscious of those moments, and allow Spirit to soothe them away. Please allow Spirit to soothe you too...

Love and Light, God bless you fellow Ground Crew members


Friday, April 18, 2014

Spreading Love and Light

Sunshine today, yay! I survived, barely, the week of stormy weather. Sometimes that is all we have energy for - putting one foot in front of the other until the sun returns. We lightworkers have become true masters at keeping on, keeping on.

Tomorrow is the annual Easter fair in my region, one of the biggest outdoor fairs in New Zealand attracting up to 20,000 people. I will be there working on a stand as part of my job. I also see it as an opportunity to radiate Love and Light to thousands of people.

This from the Constant Companions via Aisha North at 'Your energetic influence is so far-reaching now, it is actually global on an individual scale...for you individually also carry the same frequency as the whole grid put together.'

It is easy to forget the amount of Love and Light we radiate as we go about our daily routine. I sense it when I visit a big city. However the thought that I now radiate Light to the entire world from my quiet neighborhood...well, that's just amazing!

Love and Light to you, fellow Ground Crew members


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stay in flow always...

Six days and still it rains. I went for a walk this morning along the foreshore - the sea was raging and the wind so strong I could barely stand up.

As with all things, I checked with my heart how I felt about this storm. My lower self acknowledged that the wind and raging sea was a bit scary. My Higher Self said, 'Stay in flow. Mother Earth needs this powerful cleansing process. You are always safe.'

This two week period, from lunar eclipse to Grand Cross (24/25th April) is an extraordinary time for Earth and humanity in astrological terms. It is a time for 'big events', eg the beginning or end of relationships, jobs, plans.

Not sure what action to take, if any? Meditate with your guides - in that quiet space you share with them lies all your answers. You won't find your unique answer by talking to a friend or reading a book. Your answer lies within you. Stay in flow, always.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Writing in the sky

Last night I had another vivid dream about extraordinary sights in the sky. There was writing in the sky, bursts of light - it had the atmosphere of a gigantic fireworks party! It is very difficult to describe such a vision. I trust how these dreams make me feel, which is euphoric and completely free.

Sometimes I wonder how this blog site reads for people who first land here. Do they think I am crazy? You could see why they might - there is a fair sprinkling of esoteric topics such as UFO's, archangels and interplanetary travel! 

What I would hope is that any new reader, or regular reader for that matter, keep an open heart. Even if your head is saying, 'this stuff is totally nuts', listen carefully to your heart - it is the seat of your soul and knows the big picture of life with our Creator.

Rain, rain, and more rain. A huge tree was uprooted and crashed into a house in our region. There is flooding everywhere. Mother Earth is cleansing and I honour her need to do so...

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We are true Masters

Here are the Ascended Masters talking about Ascension via Sheldan Nidle at 'Full or galactic consciousness takes you off the wheel of death (reincarnation cycle). It makes you responsible for your human family, and especially yourself. You become a divine Being in sacred service to the Creator.'

Upon ascending, the Ascended Masters made themselves responsible for humanity. As you master the difficult lessons of the Earth plane, you want to help other do the same. Instead of skipping home to God, to gleefully sip tea with the angels for eternity, true Masters turn back and help those struggling behind them.

In the turbulent times ahead, those of us approaching Ascension/full consciousness can be a shining light to people who are lost in the 3D illusion. Remember, all we have to do is stay calm and centred. Stay close to your inner guidance at all times. Listen to your heart and you cannot go wrong. Promise!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members