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Love, Light and Laughter. Onwards and upwards, Ground Crew members!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Do you have secrets?

Plenty to ponder in Sandra Walter's latest message: Here are excerpts:

 'Revelation: Accept all of it, re-write your beliefs and behaviour to align with the truth...Please assist the progress of disclosure by...speaking your truth with transparency...What secrets do you still keep hidden from others? The energy of personal revelation is need to trigger disclosure.'

Sandra's theme is simple: Planetary Ascension begins at a personal level. We lightworkers must role-model speaking our truth at all times. It can be hard when you are side-swiped by a tough revelation, as I was recently. However, as she says, quickly 're-write your beliefs and behaviour' to align with the revelation.

I used to have secrets but I am now much more open about who I really am. Onwards and upwards!

Love, Light and Laughter, fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

3D or 5D?

What is your default position? When you get a few quiet moments, do your thoughts naturally drift to 3D or 5D? Remember, your focus determines your reality (from Star Wars).

You are a lightworker, working undercover on the Earth plane, therefore a certain amount of your time every day is spent living out your '3D cover story'. However outside those hours you are free to pray, meditate, visualize, walk in nature - whatever it takes to connect with your multi-dimensional Self.

I take a short break from my job each morning and walk to the foreshore. What a difference it makes to my sense of well-being! The ocean, fresh air, trees and bird-life remind me why I came here to help save this beautiful planet.

Love, Light and Laughter, fellow Ground Crew members


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brave Jim Carrey

...and the award for Bravest Man on the Planet goes to Jim Carrey. Watch this short clip to see why:

Let's help this little clip go viral on the internet so Jim knows how much he is loved and supported in his fight to free humanity.

I feel the end of the Earth game is incredibly close. Constant Companions via Aisha North: 'The wheels of change will roll faster and faster now...the pace of this ripping apart will continue to escalate at such a pace that it may at times take your breath away...We know the breathlessness will come out of pure and simple joy'. Amen to that!

Love, Light and Laughter, fellow Ground Crew members


Monday, November 17, 2014

Burst from the box

Something happened that caused a big shift within me. My bosses asked me to keep my departure from the job in March confidential until the New Year. I dutifully agreed. This morning a work colleague let slip that everyone in the office has known for ages!

I laughed and laughed. It was an instant reminder of how this 3D game is quite nonsensical. At that very moment I felt as if I had burst out of a giant box and was free. No games within games within games for me anymore...

Google an extraordinary spiritual video titled My Name Is Lincoln. It is just five minutes long but packs such an emotional punch I was shedding tears of joy within the first minute. This is my reality. This is what I came to Earth to achieve for all humanity.

Love, Light and Laughter, fellow Ground Crew members


Sunday, November 16, 2014

JFK's powerful message

I was very moved by this channeled message:

I urge every Lightworker on Earth to email President Obama, imploring him to bring in NESARA Law. Tell him how much you love and support him during this extremely challenging time in his role as facilitator for the dawning of the Golden Age. Write to him at this address:

Do make the time to send the email. We don't know which tiny action will be the tipping point that opens the door to Disclosure, NESARA and First Contact. It might be your email! I feel so hopeful after reading JFK's powerful message. Let's spread that hope throughout humanity...

Love, Light and Laughter, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Spectacular night show

I have learned an extremely valuable lesson: always listen to your intuition. A situation had been bothering me for months but I pushed on, hoping it would work out. It did not. Thankfully I saw the Light before it was too late and I was able to extricate myself.

I went outside last night - it was a stunning clear night, the sky full of stars. I was feeling very low, tearful, so I pleaded for a sign. What happened over the next twenty minutes was truly humbling...

I saw three separate flashes of brilliant white light in different parts of the sky. Then an orb crossed the sky for about a minute before disappearing. Oh, and they threw in two shooting stars for good luck! I could hardly see by the end through tears of happiness. Their message was crystal clear: We love you.

Love, Light and Laughter, fellow Ground Crew members

Friday, November 14, 2014

'Interstellar' movie

Last night I watched Interstellar, one of the most important movies to emerge since Star Wars and The Matrix. The whole Earth Ascension plan is there for all who choose to see it. Matthew McConaughey is a tour de force, a true Light warrior.

It is hugely uplifting to absorb the bigger picture of Earth's Ascension. Every daily challenge, big or small, pales into insignificance in 'Light' of our mission as lightworkers. We volunteered to help humanity ascend in their physical bodies - something that has never been attempted in any universe.

And...we are already successful! SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: 'The End Times have already been determined and exist in the 'Now', ready to manifest. You do not need to worry as this cycle has a 'happy ending' as decreed by God.' Hallejulah!

Love, Light and Laughter, fellow Ground Crew members